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Default Re: Isn't it funny how most UFC fans don't like boxing, yet want to see more stand up

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Oh yeah, they gotta work. But at least a dud fight is over in 15 minutes. People act like there's no such thing as two timid, gassed boxers, neither of whom have the power to stop each other, clinching and feinting and playing peek-a-boo and landing two good punches each from round 4 to round 10.

I saw Wlad fight, turned it off and went to the gym after the 8th round..... Here in 'Murica we won't get up for any Boxer besides Pacman or Mayweather. We have a lot of Hispanics, but The UFC is still favored.

As for OP, a few things.. Two men in full guard separates the casual cans from the core', and Striking is more appealing than Grappling.
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