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Default Re: If a prime George Foreman was transplanted into this era how well would he do?

I think he bangs out quite a few guys pretty quickly but may have trouble with guys like Sultan Ibragimov, Chris Byrd and a few can fight in any era but few guys fight everyone...In Foreman's prime or near prime he avoided guys like Quarry, possibly Bonavena and when he fought a guy that Quarry easily beat Lyle he had a life and death battle that could have been stopped several times in Lyle's favor as far as boxers he was winded and KO'd by Ali and dropped and beaten by Young.

As far as the Klitschko's he will always have a punchers chance vs anyone but he would have to take his shot early because prime Foreman had a small fuel tank...after the first few rounds and the Klitschko jab he would get drunk tired and donions
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