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Default Re: Sonny Liston 'I Will Manage Floyd Patterson as Light-Heavyweight'

And theres no guarentee that Patterson-Pastrano would have been a hit. Pastrano made his biggest purse fighting Torres who was a feared contender coming up from middleweight only because Torres gave up most of his purse for the shot and only because it was matched with an attractive co feature.

You guys argue that Patterson's career was in tatters and that he had nowhere else to go which completely ignores the fact that in reality he made more than he ever would have at light heavyweight during the remainder of his career, fought for the title twice more, fought in several more meaningful heavyweight bouts, and likely made more money post championship than Liston did post championship. Its funny to even concieve of the argument whereby Liston becomes Patterson's guru and reinvigorates his career.

Your answer to this question is "the disgraced former heavyweight champ runs from the marquee division thats to tough for him after having fled the arena in a disguise and then goes down 20 pounds to fight Willie Pastrano, because he didnt look cowardly enough" Had Patterson done that he would he would confirmed everything those in the press hostile to him had been saying. That he was a coward and quitter with no heart who ducked challenges and fought weaker competition.

Instead Patterson stayed in the heavyweight divisions and like I said before gained a measure of redemption, made a fortune, and retired a highly respected elder statesman of the heavyweight division. You wanna argue he made the wrong move, or that Liston would have handled him any better? Why are we having this discussion, its ludicrous.

Some interview posted on youtube which is heavily and obviously edited is not going to make me change my mind. Find the press conference when they announced the postponement of the rematch with Ali and he couldnt string two words together, that was televised. There was also the one where he tried to save face after quitting to Ali in the first fight by saying he injured his shoulder. Not a particularly flattering event either. There were plenty more.

You keep on throwing these names out of guys who are supposedly morons that were successful managers and yet they have actually managed fighters. Liston never once managed anyone and yet for some reason you think hes just going to step into the role and work wonders on Patterson? Why? I guess if you think Patterson was lightning in a bottle that a barnyard pig could have had success with him then I can see why you think Liston might as well. But, you say Pattersons career was in tatters, which would imply he would need someone with some special acumen to resurrect it. Then buy in to some hair brained idea of him dropping down to light heavyweight, taking less money, possibly weakening himself, and rolling the dice.

I think he did just fine with those tatters. Within a year he had won a convincing decision over a guy many claimed he had ducked. Six months later he won a fat purse, fight of the year, and a shot at the championship in a showcase fight with Chuvalo. By the end of the year he was challenging for the title again as number one contender. After that debacle his career was once again in "tatters" and yet he still managed to have some meaningful fights including a disputed decision loss for the championship which could have gone the other way and if it had would have made him the first three time heavyweight champion in history.

In reality for Ten years after his career was being written off and that genius Sonny Liston would have him drop down to fight at light heavyweight he had a remarkably successful career. Its hard to argue with that. At that point Patterson had little to prove. From 1963 his legacy was essentially set and the rest was gravvy. Rich gravvy because he made a lot of money and thats what fighters are in the business for, not just winning titles which wouldnt be a given at light heavyweight.
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