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Default Vitali, Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis?

If they all fought each other in their primes who would win and how?

1 Vitali VS Lennox = Vitali via decision

2 Vitali VS Larry = Larry Via TKO

3 Vitali VS Ali = Ali via Decission

4 Vitali VS Rocky = Rocky via Split Decision

5 Vitali VS Joe Louis = Vitali Via TKO

6 Lennox VS Larry = Larry via TKO

7 Lennox VS Ali = Ali via TKO

8 Lennox VS Rocky = Rocky via KO

9 Lennox VS Joe Louis = Lennox via KO

10 Larry VS Ali = Ali via decision

11 Larry VS Rocky = Rocky via TKO

12 Larry VS Joe Louis = Larry via TKO

13 Ali VS Rocky = Rocky via split decision

14 Ali VS Joe Louis = A controversial TKO in favor of Ali after a long count

15 Rocky VS Joe Louis = Rocky via left uppercut then huge right hand KO through the ropes for the most spectacular Knockout in boxing history!

So for me I scored Rocky with 5 total wins putting him up there as GOAT

I scored Ali with 4 putting him in 2nd place

Followed by Larry/Vitali then Lennox/Joe Louis

Heres a template for your answer to copy and paste.......

1 Vitali VS Lennox =

2 Vitali VS Larry =

3 Vitali VS Ali =

4 Vitali VS Rocky =

5 Vitali VS Joe Louis =

6 Lennox VS Larry =

7 Lennox VS Ali =

8 Lennox VS Rocky =

9 Lennox VS Joe Louis =

10 Larry VS Ali =

11 Larry VS Rocky =

12 Larry VS Joe Louis =

13 Ali VS Rocky =

14 Ali VS Joe Louis =

15 Rocky VS Joe Louis =

Please keep your answers as unbias as possible regarding your favorite fighters, dont make them loose unnecessarily but instead try to be as objective as you possibly can. Thanks!

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