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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Dude knows how to bend his knees

But, seriously. I've been in there with most of the big shots who were active before Wlad took control. He's just as good as they are, worse in a few areas, and better in a few.

He'd hold up to anybody. If I'm on his nuts for thinking so, so be it, but he did to me what a prime, peaked Lennox Lewis and a very formidable, if old, George Foreman could not. (Throw in Holyfield, Tua, and an amateur Bowe in there, if you'd like.)

He's pretty darn good, if you ask me.
Wlad is the hardest hitting, fastest hands heavyweight in history according to Klit fans ... and he can KO prime Ali, Louis, Tyson, Foreman and Lewis all in the same night according to Klit fans

He's also the most athletic with the best foot work ever as well

Pretty high praise for a guy who can't even throw an uppercut and gets KOed by Ross freakin Puritty
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