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Default Re: Sonny Liston 'I Will Manage Floyd Patterson as Light-Heavyweight'

"Had" to go to Sweden? This is boxing, you go where the money is. The money was in Europe, as Liston and Ali later found out as well. It certainly was not in the light heavyweight division.

**** made $100,000 to fight Bob Foster but only after Foster gave up $21,000 of his own money for that purse.

Foster made $109,000 for Finnegan, which was a huge purse for him and he had to travel to get it which you seem to hold against fighters.

He made less than $50,000 for Kendall.

He made $125,000 for Ali, the biggest purse of his career to that point for a non title heavyweight fight.

To give a comparison he was offered $28,000 for a rematch with Mark Tessman, more than he made for the first fight.

Another of Fosters larger purses was the $70,000 he made for Mike Quarry.

He earned about $25,000 for Ray Anderson.

He earned $50,000 for his unification with Rondon.

He was paid $75,000 for his first fight with Fourie and $200,000 for Fourie, again having to travel to get it. This was the largest purse of Foster's career by far (which would be tied in his next fight against Ahumada) and of course this was after Patterson had retired.

Floyd Patterson made $110,000 to fight Eddie Machen in a 1964 non title bout when his career was "in tatters".

You can follow the money easily and see that during Patterson's career there was no incentive to go through the process of dropping weight and weakening yourself. The only way he would benefit was by picking up a title which wasnt worth a whole lot of money.

Foster would have loved to have been able to pack on enough weight to make him an effective heavyweight because he always made more money there. Its no secret why nearly every light heavyweight champion has tried to move up to heavyweight historically, it has a lot less to do with glory and lot more to do with a lot more money.
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