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Default Re: George Foreman vs Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by Player3 View Post
CHRIS BYRD broke Vitali down physically & mentally, and had Vitali on his bike by the end of the fight, damn there ready to peddle out of the arena. Vitali has no heart whatsoever.

Foreman would just tee off on Vitali and score a early stoppage. Because Vitali wouldn't even be able to move in the ring against Foreman, because his fruit of the looms would be filled with pounds & pounds of ****.
Your picture cracks me up. I actually had one so similar, except it was these 2 hot ass *****es down in the ATL at the Freaknik. I was standing up while one black hoe deep throated me and the other had both my nuts in her mouth.

****ing thing is, it was right on the street, and I was leaning up on this college football players car, in the day time. I was surrounded by brothers and they was all walking past me calling me the almighty whitey and giving me dap as these ****s sucked away.

My wife found the photo and asked me the story and I told about the 6 stitches I got from the 6'7 260lb DE who owned the Acura NSX that the ***** spit my nut all over.
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