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Default Re: **** Tiger vs Bernard Hopkins

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
**** Tiger beats Hopkins.

He's physically stronger, handspeed is comparable, he's tougher and more rugged, fought in an better era and against better competition than Hopkins etc etc.

Hopkins is getting pumped up by some posters for his boxing shown against Tarver, Pascal, Tito trinidad and Pavlic...but in no way does Hopkins have the 'real' old school boxing guile of say a Joey Giardello (YES- I'm disagreeing with Max Kellerman's assertions of Hopkins 'old school' skills).

If Tiger can split four fights with Giardello, he can outhustle Hopkins over the shortened 12.

People need to rnote that Hopkins isn't the second coming of Archie Moore or any other oldtime shark, he's a goldfish would could box among an era of tadpoles who can't.
There in lies the problem for me about this fight...If you met Tiger head on, he would match you punch for punch every day of the week..but it's the guys that cut down his countering opportunities by being fairly conservative and using the ring that gave him trouble.

He could cut loose and up the tempo to get himself out of a spot, which he did a few times..he had the physicality to be able to do that.. But Prime Nard doesn't fade and doesn't have any chin issues.

Hopkins of course could have a dismal workrate though..the rounds could come down to a handful of punches in this one..but I can't help but keep picturing Tiger not hustling enough.

I only lean to Hopkins slightly though.
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