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Default Re: George Foreman vs Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by donnybrasco View Post
This has got be a windup, right? This is so ****ing funny its untrue. Prime Foreman would send either prime Clitshko into ***** street and back.

Prime George Foreman was the greatest hitting HW in history. He also had underrated boxing skills, excellent jab (when he wanted to use it) and footwork and was one of the best and quickest at cutting the ring to opponents who tried to run away from him, which was often

Readers with an IQ need to be reminded that Foreman destroyed Frazier, ATG and HOF, and Norton, HOF, in less than two rounds.

Either Klit gets KTFO by Foreman in 2. This should'nt even be debated.

Prime George was the biggest and heaviest hitter in the HW division. Do NOT get me started on waste of time on "greats" like JL and the like.

Any of the big '70s would have murdered the Klits. Frazier, Lyle, Shavers, they would have smashed them to pieces.

**** me, a bloated and overweight Lewis slapped Vitali, what do you think Foreman who would have had Lewis for breakfast would have done?

Lets also see if either Klit can take well over a decade out and then come back and claim a HW crown. Doubt it.
wow . I could have sworn GEORGE was the guy that got KOed by the light hitting ALI after having an awesome two fight title run ? Then got dropped and retired by the BIRD like YOUNG ? Because that guy isn't beating the KLITS and only a ****ing re**** would claim he was greater .
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