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Default Re: George Foreman vs Vitali Klitschko Foreman would not have been hitting air. he'd be hitting either Klits head or body. Foreman had an awesome body shot ****nal. Either Klit fights one of two ways. If they open up, its all over in 1 round. If they play canny and jab, Foreman would either slip it or eat it and wait until he finds his range. Once he finds his range, either Klit would be forced to cover the **** up.

George then goes downstairs, waits for the inevitable lowering of the guard and then hooks and uppercuts. See the way he made a prime Frazier dance? See the way Frazier was upper cutted off his feet? He was in his ****ing prime and an ATG and HOF. Foreman splays any of the Klits just even worst. Smashes either of their jaws into a million pieces and Kingdom ****ing come.

Its not even a contest.

They say Mike McCallum was known as the Bodysnatcher, Foreman had a more fearsome ****nal than him. Foreman quite simply had a criminally underated ****nal.

Seriously, the '70's heavyweights are legends, you should not compare a dire era of today to the greatest era in HW history. By the way thats not to diminish any of the Klits. They are good champions and if Wlad outlasts JL reign then he should be held higher than JL in my opinion.

Just don't compare them to the '70's HW. Its an insult to anyone with a brains intelligence.
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