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Default Re: George Foreman vs Vitali Klitschko

wow . I could have sworn GEORGE was the guy that got KOed by the light hitting ALI after having an awesome two fight title run ? Then got dropped and retired by the BIRD like YOUNG ? Because that guy isn't beating the KLITS and only a ****ing re**** would claim he was greater .
Er no you ****ing Hun of a *****. Foreman was odds on to win against an Ali who was not in his prime, having been robbed of his prime by a politically motivated vendetta. Go check the ****ing odds you ****head.

Foreman just lost to the GOAT in HW history, and that is something that quite a few *****s can't handle.

V Clit got downed by C Byrd a ****ing bumped up MW! He got ***** slapped by an overweight and physically unfit Lewis. You "theboss" are a clueless, brainless ****ing Hun of the highest order. Go get a ****ing brain transplant cos you need one.
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