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Default Re: Vitali, Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis?

1 Vitali VS Lennox = 40/60 fight, my bet would be Lennox

2 Vitali VS Larry = Not even close, Vitali KO's Larry early

3 Vitali VS Ali = Vitali KO's Ali late

4 Vitali VS Rocky = Vitali KO' Rocky to death

5 Vitali VS Joe Louis = Vitali wins by KO

6 Lennox VS Larry = Lennox wins by KO late

7 Lennox VS Ali = Sorry but Ali loses this one

8 Lennox VS Rocky = Lennox beats Rocky into a coma

9 Lennox VS Joe Louis = Lennox by late KO

10 Larry VS Ali = Ali and it is not even close

11 Larry VS Rocky = Larry wins on PTS

12 Larry VS Joe Louis = Joe Louis wins on PTS

13 Ali VS Rocky = Ali, and he wins every round

14 Ali VS Joe Louis = 50/50, I would have to go with Ali in a very close fight

15 Rocky VS Joe Louis = Joe Louis wins a very easy fight on PTS
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