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Default Re: George Foreman vs Vitali Klitschko

We got it ,you think Foreman would KO Vitali (who was never knocked down) ,that's your opinion and I respect your opinion , but I thnk Vitali would UD George.
Listen, friend. I can see where you are coming from but I have to disagree. Prime Foreman would have KO'd anyone from this era, no exception. Either of the Klits have never faced and never will face anyone on the same planet as George Foreman.

I suggest you watch prime George against Norton and the fight against Frazier in Kingston and then tell me he won't be able to take out either of the Klits. His power was insane, he was from a different planet...........

When George came back in the late '80s everyone laughed that he wanted Mike. There's a reason for why he said it. Prime Mike only had one vulnerability with that aggressive, peek-a-boo style that D'Amato perfected. It was the uppercut. And George had the best that anyone ever seen. He had a beast of an uppercut, watch the Frazier fight. Frazier had a similar style to Tyson and Tyson respected Dempsey. Dempsey was the coach of Frazier......

I understand where you come from but disagree completely. Foreman would KO either of the Klitchko's... in double quick time. Neither of them ever fought anyone in Foreman's league except maybe Lewis, but Foreman would have had him for breakfast.

Let me state again, this is not rubbishing the Klits. They are good and worthy HW World Champs and if Wlad beats JL's reign he goes higher than him in the rankings and if JL is an ATG and HOF so should Wlad be. This era is God awful but you can't blame the Klits for that. That is so unfair like. It's horrible. They are also great role models.
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