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Default Re: Tony Danza vs. Mickey Rourk

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Robert Conrad beat the **** out of Tony Danza in a celebrity fight. And he's about 20 years Danza's senior.
This is flat-out rubbish,S. Bob liked ta think of himself as a rough 'n tough brawler outta the slums of Chicago, and his assitants -- all ex-fighters and trainers -- allowed him to believe that.

When he had his two back-to-back hit tv series, during lunch he insisted on a boxing ring, a jump rope and all the bags just off set. Warner Brothers went along with it; he was generating a ton-a-money for the studio

When he sparred, his minions pumped him up, telling him what badass he was. They eased-up. They weren't about to kill the golden goose.

Bob was convinced if he was a little taller (he was about 5'7") he coulda been a champ. I'm convinced he'd have given up acting if he could have accomplished that, ta have walked into a gym and gotten the same respect as local greats, Tony Zale 'n Barney Ross.

If i had to hazard a guess how Bob would have done as a pro (He was already mid 30s) If he was matched carefully, he could have gotten some bloody wins as an undercard fighter.

In real bouts, Danza & Mario Lopez would have flattened him
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