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Default Re: Tony Danza vs. Mickey Rourk

Originally Posted by john garfield View Post
This is flat-out rubbish,S. Bob liked ta think of himself as a rough 'n tough brawler outta the slums of Chicago, and his assitants -- all ex-fighters and trainers -- allowed him to believe that.

When he had his two back-to-back hit tv series, during lunch he insisted on a boxing ring, a jump rope and all the bags just off set. Warner Brothers went along with it; he was generating a ton-a-money for the studio

When he sparred, his minions pumped him up, telling him what badass he was. They eased-up. They weren't about to kill the golden goose.

Bob was convinced if he was a little taller (he was about 5'7") he coulda been a champ. I'm convinced he'd have given up acting if he could have accomplished that, ta have walked into a gym and gotten the same respect as local greats, Tony Zale 'n Barney Ross.

If i had to hazard a guess how Bob would have done as a pro (He was already mid 30s) If he was matched carefully, he could have gotten some bloody wins as an undercard fighter.

In real bouts, Danza & Mario Lopez would have flattened him
Sorry to burst your bubble, but not only did he actually fight pro...

but he actually did fight Danza in an exhibition and beat the **** out of him, stopping him in a single round if memory serves...

I dare you to knock this off my shoulder.

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