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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Again, 108 ( at the whole 105 division even needing to exist) to 122 was far superior in the 80s.

Le me guess, Mark Johnson was the best?
Ok there buddy, the 105-122 division had excellent fighters in the 90's. It is so sad how glorified the 80s really are. Let me guess you think the 160/168 in the 80s was better too right?

In the 1990s, you had 3 excellent super bantamweights. Barerra, Morales and Wilfredo Vazquez. Wilfredo Gomez was a big fish in a small pond. Yeah I would say Orlando Canizales is better than Jeff Chandler or Sot Chitalada. Yeah and for 105-108, lopez-carbajal-gonzalez. Your telling me the 1980's had better fighters in those weight classes? I forgot this is esb, where 1980's=heaven.

The 115lbs division was excellent too. Sung Kil Moon, Mark Johnson, Johnny Tapia. Like seriously its one thing to disagree, but to suggest someone is clueless because they think the 1990s produced a better crop of fighters from 105-122 is pure ignorance.

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