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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Wilfredo Vasquez?! Are you ****tin' me!?! Got his **** pushed in multiple times in the 80s.

Jung Koo Chang was better than all the guys you've mentioned.

Bazooka was hardly a big fish in a small pond. 122 saw Lupe Pintor, Alberto Davila, and latterly Jeff Fenech and Samart Payakaroon.

Remind me, who were Orlando Canizales' best wins in his poor title run?
Its your opinion that hes better than all of those guys, theres nothing conclusive that suggests he is a better fighter than finito, or mark johnson. Galaxy has a padded resume too. This is just another scenario where fighters from the 90's will have all of thier accomplishments diminished, and the fighters from the 80s will be overglorified because they fought in the fab4 era. Yes we know, everything was better in the 80's. Lupe Pintor and Davila were bantmanweights, so his best comp were guys moving up in wieght to fight him. Regardless, the 90's had the better fighters overall in the lower weight classes and i really dont care if you think different, your bias is very clear. Chang lost decisvely to gonzalez, let me guess he was shot by age 26. Most of wilfredo gomze's accomplishments were in the 1970's, so the fact that hes being mentioned as a 1980's fighter is kind of laughable. Chandler has a very padded record, if he fought recently, he would be dismissed as a b level fighter. How many ranked fighters has chandler even beat, like 5?

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