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Default Re: DANNY GREEN vs SHANE CAMERON 2012-11-21

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
i was in Crewfighter 1 in 2005, Crewfighter 2 was in 2006. We were not scheduled to meet in 2008, i did not turn to water either, i was told by Paul Upham that i wasnt welcome at Crewfighter because i hacked a forum users account. Clearly you dont remember what took place and are taking a feather from LJD's cap
Crewfighter 2 was in '06. You were nowhere to be seen. You reared your head for Crewfighter 4 when you challenged Razor after not having posted on KT's forum for quite some time. CF4 was in '08 you nuffy. You turned to water. The escalation of panic in your posts as the date drew near was obvious to all. Your only way out was to get yourself barred from the forum and event, which you did by accessing another forum member's personal accounts without his authority, posting gay porn on his homepage and making lewd comments to young girls and older women who were in his contacts. Degenerate. And then to make sure of it you made multiple accounts to harass the site's webmaster. This all happened about 2 weeks before we were due to spar.

You did just that on ESB, u want a contract but whos the contract made out to exactly chump? you demonstrate your inablility to understand standard contracts and the law that governs them. 2k dont mean sht if your trying to claim it from John Doe ya gerbil lol
The contract is easy. It has two blank spaces where the names of the combatants are to be. You insert your name and sign it. I then insert mine and sign it. And then the fight's set. Yeah, it's not entirely orthodox, but then again you are a special case. The $2k would have been held in trust by the promoter or a mutually agreed party.

Never turned on Geale, i just chose to back Mundine and ive not said anything that others havent said about Geale already. Im suprized your not arms up in the air over Geale not fighting your lover boy Sam Soliman, not so vocal anymore, guess you turned on Soliman hey champ
Yep, you turned on Geale.

As for Geale not fighting Soliman, I've always maintained that a fight with Choc makes the most sense for Geale from a reward v risk position at this point. Soliman just needs to maintain his no.1 ranking and he'll get his shot.

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