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Default Re: DANNY GREEN vs SHANE CAMERON 2012-11-21

Originally Posted by boxoncottonon View Post
Why is Cameron taking the fight? It is his decision. If alleged boxing armchair purists want to make a song and dance about this then ask Cameron why?
The same reason BJ flores accepted similar terms. Danny lays it on the table, he is the promoter and he is paying the big dollars so he calls the shots. Some people called it Greed but if you asked BJ flores he said that he was told these were the terms and if he didnt like it then no fight.

Given Dannys history im incline to belive Flores on this one and feel that Cameron was told the same thing Flores was told. Cameron is hanging out for a decent payday and initally come down to CW when Green promised him a fight that almost never eventuated. Given Cameron is pretty adverage when he does make the CW limit, making him boil down even more is nothing short of a disgrace
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