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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Difference being no one brought him up first. You did for Vasquez.

It's not about 'having losses' it's about being proven a few times as having a dreadful chin and being as straight up and stiff as an ironing board.

But of course seeing he won multiple titles in multiple divisions on boxrec wouldn't have told you that would it?

Not like flyweight Avelar knocked him out was it? You think Avelar would've dealt with Lora at bantamweight pretty easily.
I brought up vasquez as one of the fighters from 122, i never said he was the premier guy in the weight division. So you can cherry pick him as much as you want. Why would i care if you keep mentioning boxrec, i watch fights all the time. I dont need to treat you like an authority, lol who are you?

By the way, comparing resumes among lower weight fighters is completely subjective. I base my opinions of finito, orlando and mark based on film, if you think fighters from the past are better, well guess what, i dont give a ****. I dont go around thinking im some boxing bible, the only tool is you.
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