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Default Re: **** Tiger vs Bernard Hopkins

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
You think Hopkins was 160 in the ring? Here's a clue, Oscar de la friggin Hoya was about 165 against Mayweather. Hopkins is a light heavyweight who squeezed into 160. Hopkins has faced much bigger guys than Tiger and no has been able to ragdoll him.

I like the way you script your response...its an interisting mixture of condescension and ignorance...

I never said Tiger was blow-up-doll rehydration big, but he was very, very strong. The point is, he's going to be stronger than Hopkins. Rewatch his fight with Carter to reaquaint yourself with how rugged Tiger was.
Similarly, he was able to spar and hold his own with Hvy contenders, and fought and held his Light Heavyweight championship against bigger and more powerful men than Hopkins.

But that's your strawman re. Tiger over Hopkins, not mine.

My point is Hopkin's 'guile' might work with todays's fighters, but will have little impression on Tiger. Hopkin's varied and sneak leads, defensive competance, brawling and boxing routine etc. wont stop Tiger and allow him to be controlled, he's seen all that and better.

And for me, this is where Hopkin's at middle and later won his challenging bouts- he relied on controlling his opponents. When he couldn't control the tempo and pace, he loses. The means and methods Hopkin's will try and apply to control the bout just wont work with Tiger, meaning it end up a bout on Tiger's terms, and no-one will beat Tiger on that terrain.
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