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Default Re: Vitali, Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis?

1 Vitali VS Lennox = Lewis by late stoppage. Vitali would impose himself early, but fade late on. Lewis stops him on his feet after an initial uppercut wobbles Vitali on the inside.

2 Vitali VS Larry = Vitali by decision. Call me crazy, but Larry Holmes on a H2H basis is incredibly overrated. He got blown out the first time he faced a grade A opponent. Vitali would punish Larry late on and win a close but clear decision

3 Vitali VS Ali = Ali by decision. Vitali is too slow to handle Ali's foot and hand speed. He can get in, lands his shots and get out far too easily. I know Vitali was past his best, but if solis could do it easily for one round, it would be scary to see what Ali could do.

4 Vitali VS Rocky = Vitali by stoppage. It's a tricky one but in all honesty I do think Marciano is just too small for someone physically imposing as Vitali.

5 Vitali VS Joe Louis = Louis via KO. A tough one, but the best puncher of all time would connect far too often for Vitali to get settled, and when Joe gets him going, he ain't gonna let him off easy

6 Lennox VS Larry = Lennox via KO. Lennox could win this two ways. Back away from Larry (he can't box a mover) and throw 1-2s all night on the way to a close decision or rough Holmes up on the inside, turn it into a s**** and take his head off with a big uppercut or
consistent straight rights. It's likely Larry would still he standing though

7 Lennox VS Ali = Draw. this would be a snooze fest. Lennox would not be willing to engage and box off the back foot. Ali would be very cautious as well and probably try to get Lennox to follow him all night. Being the bigger man and having Steward in his corner he wouldn't do that.

8 Lennox VS Rocky = Lewis via KO. Again, I hate to use the 'Marciano is to small' theory, but Lewis knows how to get rough. A monster uppercut I the middle rounds sends Rocky on his ass and if he choses to get up he gets pummelled even more

9 Lennox VS Joe Louis = Louis via KO. To precise a puncher for Lennox in my eyes. Lewis could try bring it to the streets, but Joe is just to good a boxer-puncher and the moment he even senses Lewis is hurts its goodnight Lennox.

10 Larry VS Ali = Ali via comfortable decision. Larry can't fight movers and would be chasing Ali all night (67 Ali) he can get in and out and would make his former sparring partner look foolish at times.

11 Larry VS Rocky = Rocky by TKO. Down on the cards a late onslaught leaves Larry a sitting duck to some huge bombs while stuck on the ropes. The ref has no choice but too stop it. I also think Holmes by UD is a possibility, but I think Marciano stops him late

12 Larry VS Joe Louis = Louis by KO. Larry didn't have the power to scare Joe. Larry was also open to the big straight right and he's against the most precise puncher of all time. Louis stops him around about the 10th

13 Ali VS Rocky = Ali by decision. Marciano makes it interesting down the stretch and comes on strong in the championship rounds, but Alis chin is good enough to hold on after building a big lead in scorecards early on

14 Ali VS Joe Louis = Louis by KO Probably the hardest match up to call in terms of heavyweight fatansy matches. Ali in 67 was brilliant. Fuent, natural, speedy, crafty, however he seemed to ****y for my liking. Against someone as focused and technical as Louis, you can't afford to clown around for one second otherwse you could get banged. Louis digs deep late on in the 13th and takes Ali out after being down a few on the scorecards

15 Rocky VS Joe Louis = Rocky by TKO. Rocky does what he does best against someone that doesn't have that much of a size advantage against him. Pounds Louis in the 14th after being well down on the scorecards. Stylistically I think Marciano and Schmelling are Louis the worst match ups form Louis. Well them and Frazier

So I come out with

1 - Joe Louis- 4-1
2 - Lennox Lewis 3-1-1
2 - Muhammad Ali 3-1-1
4 - Rocky Marciano 2-3
4 - Vitali Klitschko 2-3
6 - Larry Holmes 0-5

Looking back I Jay have been a little harsh on Holmes, but I don't buy into the fact that he should be a H2H beast, especially when in his prime he struggled with a green Witherspoon and an old as **** Norton. This mythical prime of 79-82 that has been thrown about on this forum to avoid his dubious decisions against Ken and Spoon is utter bull****.

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