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Default Re: What next for Chauncy Welliver??

Originally Posted by chauncy View Post
I wouldn't mind the fight at all. It's a loser goes home type of situation. My stock has dropped yes, but I'm still ranked higher than Alex in the WBC, and those are the rankings you see on fight advertisements, not boxrec rankings.
Problem is, in New Zealand, if your names not Shane Cameron or David Tua, its hard to generate sponsors these days. I'm back in America for the time being but still hold my residency in NZ. There's no way the fight makes sense in America.
China could be a possibility, but I don't pick who I fight there though. They give me a list and tell me to choose from whoever they have on it. (I thought I was being smart picking Sherman Williams lol).
The end of the day all there is is this, I've been around the pros for years with my older brothers down to myself. Been around the world a few times. The fight game is ugly. The fight business is beautiful. I gotta squeeze as much out of this sport as I can because we're in a dying sport and money gets smaller each day.
Did I get a chance to fight the best? Not even close. I fought who was put in front of me. If it were up to me I'd have fought much better guys so I'd have made much better money. I made some good money, but not enough to never have to work.
I was born with no athletic gifts, but fought with many men who were. For my first 50 fights, I had no trainer, promoter, or manager. No money behind me. I finally got the right team behind me but I was burned out from the first 50.
If Leapais team wants to make an offer, we'll gladly look it over. Me and Noel have spoken many times on how this can work. As a fighter, I gotta be compensated good to fight a big puncher like Alex. They're asking for the fight but expect me to promote it or find a promoter. If they really want the fight, they'll get the sponsors and make it happen.
Great response,much appreciated.
I think your correct with a ' loser goes home situation'..A win though,would realllly rise your stakes,especially in the asia pacific zone.A fight worth going for IMO.Cheers Again Chaunce
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