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Default Re: **** Tiger vs Bernard Hopkins

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
And for me, this is where Hopkin's at middle and later won his challenging bouts- he relied on controlling his opponents. When he couldn't control the tempo and pace, he loses. The means and methods Hopkin's will try and apply to control the bout just wont work with Tiger, meaning it end up a bout on Tiger's terms, and no-one will beat Tiger on that terrain.
This puzzles me because lesser fighters than Hopkins were able to control the pace and puzzle Tiger using movement.

Hopkins was a better boxer than most of the guys who actually outboxed Tiger. Hopkins was also a better light heavyweight than most if not all of the light heavyweights Tiger fought.

You act as if it was difficult to control the pace against Tiger. Gene proved that wrong. Fullmer couldnt box his way out of a paper bag but the instant he started moving backwards Tiger looked clueless. Tiger was great against guys who came at him. He would chop them up all night long. But when the opponent mixed movement into the equation he gave Tiger problems.

Id be rooting for Tiger but I dont see him winning.
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