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Default Put your Chin Up in the air if your about to be punched on it!?

Sounds like bad advice dosnt it?

Well if you watch ALi closely in slow mo, you will notice he does precisely this when dodging punches with head movement, he "GOES WITH THE FLOW" and dissipates the force to his chin by lifting his chin in air literally. (he does this when they miss just incase they had struck dead on)

The most blatant utilization of this technique ive seen is Naseem Hammed he does it all the time in the mst exaggerated way possible and it works, he has a small head and a pencil neck yet hes never been knocked out. 9although granted flyweights dont hit very hard)

My question is do you tuck the chin always and never ever remove it from its tcked position? Or do you wave it in the air like these guys do to dissipate the power of a punch aimed at it?
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