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Default Re: Tony Danza vs. Mickey Rourk

Originally Posted by young griffo View Post
Going by boxrec it sounds like there wasnt a 1st round knockout at all.

Conrad who was 4-0-1 as a professional fighter; retired in 1962. In 1989, Conrad,55, appeared to get the best of former pro fighter/actor Tony Danza in a exhibition boxing match refereed by Richard Steele

As if a ****ing exhibition bout means anything anyway.

Just looking at the photos it appears Danza is having a laugh whereas old Bob is as serious a pig ****ing. I'd put no stock in it either way.
Conrad's fight career was before he had major success with Wild Wild West. I find it difficult to believe he could arrange the outcomes of professional boxing matches as a struggling actor.

Regarding the fight with Danza, Conrad was 55 years old while Danza was 38, and a lot closer to his fighting career. Danza did come into it taking it lightly, but must have realized early on that red ass Conrad meant business. Still, Conrad was 55, a grandfather. Danza should have been able to adjust and getting avoided getting starched.

Either that... or Robert Conrad was a bad ass.

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