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Default Re: Sonny Liston '13-10' Favorite Over Cassius Clay For Rematch

Steve Reid,

Newspaperman in Maine,

I'm betting on Sonny. In the first bout, he underestimated the kid, and tried to
carry him a few rounds to make it look good. Sonny figured, as soon as I hit this kid, he'll go
the same way Floyd Patterson did.

Sonny fought lackadasical, with no purpose for the first 3-Rounds. Then, when he tried
to turn it on, he found out he didn't have it, as Cassius was able to take his punch.

I think Sonny was more surprised than anybody else, to see Cassius still standing
in front of him at the start of the 6th Round. I honestly think that Sonny was more tired
than injured. He definitely hurt his shoulder, but I've heard from his camp that it
wasn't really that bad.

I'm going with Sonny in this fight. Cassius can't hurt him, and the only thing he can do
is box and stay away. Sonny will pace himself, and slowly wear down this kid with
hard punches. I wouldn't be surprised if Sonny stops him in 10, but it will probably
go the full 15 rounds.

I've seen both fighters in their training camps, and I've yet to see Cassius hurt a
single sparring-partner. Sonny has been a little better, but he too has not been overly
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