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Default Re: Ricky Burns opponent

You just can't go for a second without thinking about me can you?

I suspect Michelle300 has bumped this after weeks of inactivity, then either got her teletubby crew (or rather signed into another 5 accounts to agree with herself)

Michelle69, if you can hear me luv, go away, do something productive in your life for once.

I wouldn't know whats been said, because Michelle300 was on my ignore list years ago, along with her **** bandito bum buddy's.

I can only suspect she is here telling everyone how pathetic I am, and that everybody should ignore me as usual?....Maybe she should take her own advice for once and do just that?

Instead of talking about sticking me on your ignore list? Why not do it? can't get enough of me can you?....your on my ignore list, luv, have been for a while, luv.

This granny just don't give up! There is life still in this old ***** yet! And she just keeps coming back, she just can't say no! She gets found out and loses every argument. I am the real winner every time in the end, I always get proved right and she can't stand it!

Michelle300, you can't win, you WON'T win.

Say, I'll knock your door when the rapture starts, 5am sound good? bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Or will I interrupt your early morning masturbation session you sloth?

Maybe you can come out to play for a while afterwards?

Mind, you'll be in disbelief sat in your mom and dads house, hiding away in your bedroom, thinking its all just a dream, sat at your computer trying to escape from the inevitable doomsday.

Doing what you do, because your incapable of saying it to anybody's face in real life!

From one "troll" to another. You won't beat me Michael, you bring shame to your name, it's factually impossible to do so as I am the king of kings, king of the "trolls" shall kneel before me and beg for mercy Michael, I am your leader, I control you, I own you.

Are you not entertained?


(Tiger Uppercut! I win! PERFECT!)
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