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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
I have no problem disregarding (I wouldn't say 'overruling' ) the Ring rankings, just as you don't have a problem disregarding their edicts on appointing new champions.
I find it a little contradictory that you'd call them the "recognized" and "authoritative rankings body" yet you won't recognize the name they put as the top under the heading "CHAMPION : ".

But I guess we all have our different take.

I agree. But in the years after a champion retires, a new fighter can - and often does - emerge as the new champion by establishing himself as the premier fighter and consistently defending that claim.
--You got me on that contradictory notion. That's a good point. I would say that the recognized body is recognized so long as it is reasonable. Now that of course, carries a risk of being arbitrary. But there are other examples I could offer where The Ring (pre-Collins) failed to recognized the result of a 1 vs. 2 and instead recognized someone else and so were corrected.

The rise of the racketeers demand that we tighten up the criteria in the face of their chaos. And I fail to understand how or why some accept a fighter avoiding the #2 and still earning recognition.

But to heck with what I think about Wlad. Try this guy!

--What a bold font of wisdom he is!
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