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Default Re: Ricky Burns opponent

Has it ignored me yet!?!

I'm waiting.....your lets get it on.

Instead of telling your **** bandito bum buddies to ignore me, and keep talking about ignoring me, and keep calling me a troll, why not stick my name on your list eh?

Come on, baby, I wanna be on your list sunshine.

Come on, you keep coming back, you proved my point once again, I can see your name here again after my peach of a post....and as if by magic....your here, I can't see what you say, because your ignored, you've been on my list for nuff time. I could remove you if I wanted, alternatively i could press the button to bring up your post....but I don't need to, so you can stop on my list.

You have talked and talked, back in those dreadful days, for the 5 minutes, when I could see you.

Talked about sticking me on your ignore list, yet you keep reading, and you keep coming back, even bumping threads of weeks of inactivity to dig.

I know you can read/see this, I just can't see you.

Stick me on ignore baby, do yourself a favor Michelle69.

But we all know you wont, you need me, I am you, you are me and all that. You can't get enough of me, thats why you keep coming back.

Tiger Uppercut, I win, PERFECT.
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