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Default Re: Jose Napoles 'The Mark of Brilliance'

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
If anybody thinks Carlos Ortiz wanted to fight Jose 'Mantequilla' Napoles,,,,,

That would be a totally insane statement.

Carlos Ortiz held the Lightweight Championship from 4/7/63 thru 5/10/65
and second reign 11/13/65 thru 6/25/68.

A 5-year run, except for the brief period when Ismael Laguna owned the
title 5/11/65 thru 11/12/65.

Carlos wouldn't even fight Jose Napoles in Puerto Rico, his home country, in fear
of getting embarrassed in front of his fans.
That may be true, but to accuse a guy who did nothing but fight outstanding fighters his whole career of being scared of fighting Napoles.... I don't know, my gut is telling me to call bull****.

It's understandable if Ortiz didn't want to risk taking a fight with Napoles unless forced to in order to defend the title, but there's a path to the title and if Napoles stayed on it he would have fought him eventually.

Napoles is the one that fled to another division, not Carlos.

And what's more Napoles fled without facing probably the two other best lightweights at the time in Lane and Laguna. Locche was on the way up too.
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