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Default Re: Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Pecho, Thanks for including that link, it makes a lot of good points against S&C guys. Thanks for this also "he is a phenomenal boxing coach,but when he talks about "imbalances" of the body of Amir khan i laugh like hell cause im sure he doesnt know what the hell he is talking about." Hunter I would think has more insight into things when it concerns his fighters than an S&C guy. You laugh like hell at Hunter's 'er lack of knowledge, this is exactly why I dislike S&C guys, they are arrogant to the extreme. Everybody is ignorant but them. In that article it mentioned a guy I have had dealings with personally, Alex Ariza. The guy is totally out of control, working the corner as a cutman, and working more as a cornerman. When he has absolutely no experience in boxing. This has been my experience with different S&C guys after awhile they think they are also boxing trainers then they second guess everything. Ariza, wanted to train my guy, which at first I thought that was a good thing, to have Ariza working my guy, wow! Then Ariza started working my guys corner while sparring and giving instructions, wtf. Ariza is a S&C guy he has no business trying to train or give a fighter instructions between rds. Ariza just took over, well I ended that. Another time a S&C guy was brought in and he dumped on everything, right from the get-go. My last post included something about Salvador Sanchez, he had old school trainers, who did things the old fashioned way, a lot of hard work. Elite Mexican trainers always had a private doctor on hand to ck heartrate from the early sixties maybe even before that. These doctors weren't out front, like today's S&C guys. You never saw guys, doing bodybuilder poses at weigh in's now fergitboutit. It has become the standard. Hunter's saying that while fighters look good externally what about internally? If S&C guys would not try to take over then they are welcome. Otherwise they are not needed and if they are than it has to be just conditioning. If The S&C guys accept their roles as support staff then I agree they can be very helpful. If those old Mexican dinosaurs can work with a doctor they can work S&C guys. S&C guys should ck their ego's at the door to the gym and stay out of corners.
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