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Default Re: Just rewatched Froch v Dirrell how did you score it?

Originally Posted by Hadrian View Post
fights like this...however they are scored are basically draws in essence. What I mean by that is it's impossible to say either side was superior in the fight...scoring exists to indicate who the superior person was when there is no stoppage...can anyone honestly say either one was superior? They were both awesome on the night. In other fights both sides are so-so or even both suck. In the "old" days there were many more draws and for good reason, I'd like to see that be the case again.
I agree with this totally. When scoring fights I tend to score 10/10's much more than most people. I round needs to be won not nicked or just given to. It ties in with the Americans and their inability to have a draw, someone has to win.

I regard to the OP, Dirrell robbed himself by fighting far too defensively. Had Froch by two points I think. Have not and will not re watch it.
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