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Default Re: Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!

Sorry for re-posting but my last post, isn't really clear. I tried capitalizing my answers but they didnt show up. So he it goes again.

It sounds good, but as almost all weigh in's now include the fighter showing his sixpack and striking bodybuilder poses hmmmm. I know its only a coincidence that these guys have s&c guys working with them.

There's a boxing coach for boxing and a s+c guy for conditioning.

If that was or is the case than yes but it clearly isnt.

Now what is it that you s&c guys cant understand, boxing trainers have gotten their fighters ready for over two hundred years that statement my friend is just dumb and it shows how arrogant s&c guys are. That there have been new and improved conditioning methods is fantastic, but dont act like all these boxing trainers are know nothngs.

You must not know too much about what good trainers do, or know boxing history, a good trainer builds a team, the conditioning is one aspect only, believe it or not there have always been s&c guys throughout boxing history, go back as far as john l sullivan, he had an s&c guy. You didn't see sullivan strike bodybuilder poses, or displaying his beautiful six pack, the old school guys did what had to be done to get their fighters ready so give them some credit. Alex ariza is a great example of a s&c guy gone wild, now he gives fighters instructions and works the cuts, less you think it only ariza it's not, read the article that pecho posted on his post, of course you'll say that everybody quoted is full of.....
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