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Default Re: Watched Mares vs. Moreno again: did anyone else thought Moreno won?

I've noticed a lot of people took Moreno. It was a classic case of a Oddsmaker trap. Moreno coming off a sensational win over de la mora and Won UD over Vic which should have been closer. The public saw that Mares "SD" Vic and all fell into the trap. Too many poster disregard the style makes fights factor and use the logic if fighter A wins easily just imagine.

I knew Mares would overwhelm Moreno based on their styles. Moreno needs time to set on his offense and Mares doesn't even give his opponents time to breathe. Plus Moreno just doesn't hit hard enough to bother a durable + determine fighter in Mares to keep him on the outside.

Same will happen to Donaire if the fight ever gets made. Oddsmaker will captialize on the hype of Donaire beating fighters who is too slow for him and make Donaire a 3 to 4 to 1 fave over Mares. Mares' style is very dangerous against any boxer/counter puncher mainly bc he forces his fight Only on the inside. Donaire does have a big punch but if he can't hurt Mares it is game over.

I do not usually give predictions before a fight bc i want the public to set the odds on hype fighters so i get a much high payback. But Donaire will be smart enough to avoid this fight so i do not care.
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