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Default Re: Broner and this brush gimmick

Originally Posted by dwighttsharpe View Post
If you followed him, you would know that originally, his homies started out doing the brushing.

Only after he became (in)famous did Pop's take over. Apparently, this is something Pop wanted to do.

And geez, it's all in fun, and making them big $$$.

Ok, if thats their thing. I know its all in fun, but you cant come up with something actually funny or that might come off a little more novel for a boxer (Broner screams unoriginality between the "brush" idea and acting like a poor mans Floyd Mayweather)? But ya, thats their deal. As long as his fights keep being entertaining and he keeps winning, Ill "brush" off the combing the hair thing by the fat guy. And of course Im now a hater just because I think its stupid even though I still enjoy watching his fights.
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