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Default Re: Should Vitali end Haye's career?

Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
What is lucky about throwing punches inteded to do damage and doing damage? Answer: Nothing. And who cares about Vittles-Briggs? Vits couldn't put away an old, fat Briggs who was knocked out by Lewis a dozen years earlier. And Vittles only had 1 defense...that's it. He than retired and his brother has been the one and only champion since.

As far as your lie about Byrd refusing to fight Vits again, I'm calling you on it. Show the link where Byrdrefuses to rematch Vits. Show the article where he says no. You can't and now you're officially a liar!!
It's really funny how you just dumb down your argument and not look at the entire picture. It really shows how wrong you are each time you spout your stupid bull****. It is lucky to CUT another opponent. That is luck, don't be idiotic and say the first line again. By the way, you realize that when Vitali faced Briggs he was older than Briggs himself so that again shows your argument doesn't look at the big picture at all. Finally, Briggs almost KO'd Lewis in his prime while he didn't even hurt Vitali once that entire night. And, Briggs said that Vitali was better than anyone he's ever faced in his career. I'll listen to the actual boxer and not some person on the internet.

Byrd refused the rematch but was forced to defend his title to Wlad. Byrd clearly had the choice to face Vitali or Wlad and went for Wlad because he knew that there really was no chance against Vitali. Wlad destroyed him just like Vitali did but without an injury and won.
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