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Default Re: Should Vitali end Haye's career?

Originally Posted by Meow View Post
I feel like I'm talking to some child that can't wrap his head around a basic point and then tries to turn into something else. It's lucky to get cut, not to intend damage. I don't know how you pulled that out of your ass but stop doing it because the concept I'm trying to explain to you is very easy to understand. I know that it makes your entire argument wrong but that's the whole point.

It does matter that Vitali is older than Briggs. It shows that Vitali is past his prime too but I don't get how Vitali being the 2nd best HW really matters to your point. Yes Vitali is the 1st/2nd best because he's is that great of a boxer but he still is past his prime just like Briggs was. Basically both were past their primes but Vitali still destroyed Briggs with complete ease while Lewis was on ***** street in the 1st round and the fight would have went the full 12 if the ref never prematurely stopped it. And again, Briggs said that Vitali was better than Lewis. Along with the Vitali-Lewis fight, it shows that Vitali is just better than Lewis.

Byrd was ducking Vitali. Vitali was champ of the world for years while Byrd was a nobody. There was no point of a rematch, everyone knows a 1 armed Vitali still beat the living hell out of Byrd and only lost because of the shoulder.
Briggs also fought that fight with only one arm. Vitali couldnt KO him or drop him.
Vitali has zero great wins and he lost his biggest fights. Byrd's win and Lewis' win is as legit as Vitali's win over Charr.
Bottom Line,Vitali isn't an ATG.
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