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Default Re: Just rewatched Froch v Dirrell how did you score it?

It was one of those fights, depends how you like to score them. If you look at it on terms of punches landed then Dirrell probably won the fight. However if you take into account that Froch was the aggressor the whole night and that Dirrell was guilty of gamesmanship with his holding and dropping to the floor and complaining then you may score the rounds a bit differently, particularly the ones with little action from either side that might be a scored 10/10. The americans always score more for aggression and I tend to do this too, plus taking into consideration the harder more meaningful shots rather than volume. That being said many people score rounds to people for punches that hit gloves though, those aren't scoring punches and you can only award rounds to someone for industry if they have taken nothing in return.

I think the Calzaghe/Hopkins fight is the one that divides a lot of people. I have watched it so many times and can never make a case for Calzaghe because he just lands almost nothing the whole fight. All the meaningful shots were by Hopkins but he did spoil a lot and play act and pussied out of the later rounds totally. However, he just landed the only decent hard shots of the fight other than one left hand I think Calzaghe landed. He won it purely on forcing the fight and throwing more but I still think he lost!
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