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Default Re: What separates the greats (Ali Rocky Louis Lennox Larry Vitali etc) from the rest

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I'd reverse the order, but I agree with them.

Incredible mental discipline is the single most important attribute to excel in any sport. Getting up early every morning, running mile after mile, and spending thousands of hours in the gym, day after day, is a harder GRIND then any job. It hurts, there isn't a ton of money in the beginning, and it prevents youthful enjoyment of life in traditional ways.

Anybody who discounts the importance of what is between the ears hasn't done it for a living.

After that, it is the fact that they are born just that much more gifted then the other rare fighters with their supreme level of focus.

Thanks as always mate.

In case you didnt realize people this is an absolutely epic answer to the question!
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