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Default Re: Why did Wladimir let Vitali take the Purritty and Sanders rematch?

Originally Posted by WiDDoW_MaKeR View Post
Wlad had a rematch scheduled against Puritty, in which Ross pulled out with an injury.

Wlad asked the WBO for an immediate rematch against Sanders, as it wasn' t in their contract. The WBO declined, and Sanders refused to fight him. Wlad then did the only thing he could do, which was beat a couple of ranked WBO fighters, regain WBO mandatory status, and challenge Sanders for his title. Which is exactly what Wlad did. Sanders sat on the title for nearly a year without fight anyone, until the WBO eventually ruled that Sanders must defend against Brewster, with the winner fighting a mandatory fight against Wlad directly afterward. Sanders then decided to vacate his WBO title without defending it, and went on to fight Vitali for the WBC title instead.

Sanders said in an interview at the time that he knew Wlad wanted to rematch him, but he wasn't going to rematch Wlad until after he won his fight against Vitali. Well... we know that didn't happen. It's simple really... Sanders knew that he dodged a bullet that he wouldn't dodge twice. He wanted to try and cash in on his new found fame and didn't want to just lose a rematch to Wlad or even lose his next fight to Brewster. He wanted to try and make history by beating both Klitschkos.

Wlad can't force people to get into the ring with him. Brewster also refused to fight Wlad in a rematch until Brewster ended up losing and fighting Wlad was his only option to try and get back into the mix at the top. Wlad was ALWAYS willing to rematch.

In reality, rematches are overrated. If you don't secure a rematch with a person right away, you never really get credit for beating that guy when you do fight. Even if you do rematch them right away and win... it still doesn't take away the fact that you lost to that person. All you can do is move on with your career rematch or not... and go on to do bigger and better things. Which Wlad has clearly done.

Sanders says “Yes, it would be nice to fight him [Wladimir] again. I do not know why he never wanted a rematch.”

And glass jawed fraud Wlad never pursued a rematch with Puritty

And if rematches are so overrated then why are Klit lickers STILL *****ing about the rematch between Vitali and Lennox?
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