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Default Re: Just watched Wlad vs Wach: A few thoughts....

... or maybe Wach's defense (along with his size) is not as bad as everybody thinks
that is why Wlad's jab was not as much effective as usually and Wach's chin is
exceptional so Wlad's punching power was not enough to knock Wach's out?

Some people are thinking just in one dimensional way, for me the fight has shown that:
- Wlad is skilful and fast boxer with technique and fluidity that is why Wach looked slow and his defense looked poor
- Wach has ATG chin that is why Wlad's jab was not effective and his punching power looked diminished

I bet with different opponents Wlad will keep knocking people out as he usually does while
Wach will dance circles around the slower boxers than him, and knowing he can take any
shot he will walk thru and knock out the smaller and weaker dudes.
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