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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by WiDDoW_MaKeR View Post
The cut around the eye was the cut that stopped the fight. Yes, he had a cut on his cheek, and his lip was busted (from that uppercut). It's a fight, people can get cut without being a lesser fighter. Wlad was cut and bleeding in his domination of Wach. It happens.

However, the cut was CLEARLY caused by a grazing punch. Sorry, that doesn't make Lewis better. It makes him fortunate.
Is it any more fortunate than McCall throwing a wild ounch with his eyes looking down(same with Rahman actually) landing a huge shot on Lewis and KO'ing him.

Essentially a fight stopped by injury, be it concussion or a cut are the same thing.

You get punched in the face,you get hurt,it happens.
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