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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by irishny View Post
Is it any more fortunate than McCall throwing a wild ounch with his eyes looking down(same with Rahman actually) landing a huge shot on Lewis and KO'ing him.

Essentially a fight stopped by injury, be it concussion or a cut are the same thing.

You get punched in the face,you get hurt,it happens.
McCall threw a perfectly timed right hand that landed on the button.

Rahman was timing Lewis up with that right hand all night long, and backed Lewis up against the ropes and took him clean out with a right hand. That was great execution.

You seem to be taking "fortunate" and using it as "lucky". They aren't the same thing.

I didn't even say that Lewis was lucky. I said that he was fortunate for that grazing punch to cause a fight ending cut in a fight that he was clearly losing. Any time that a boxer throws a punch, the result isn't luck. They are in the ring to throw and avoid punches.

Definition of FORTUNATE
1: bringing some good thing not foreseen as certain

2: receiving some unexpected good

As I said.. Lewis was fortunate that the grazing punch ended up causing a cut that ended a fight that he was losing.

No, a cut and a knockout is certainly not the same thing. You are lying to yourself if you believe that's the case. Cuts can be very random and certainly don't mean that the guy who caused the cut is a better boxer, or clearly won. If you knock a guy out, then you clearly won. You still may not be the better boxer, but you clearly won the fight that night. If you are losing the fight, and a doctor stops the fight on a cut, while you are losing... and the other fighter desperately wants to fight on... and has shown to that point that he CAN fight on with the cut... that doesn't make you the better man in the ring, and certainly isn't a clear victory like a true knockout.
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