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Default Re: Sonny Liston 'I Will Manage Floyd Patterson as Light-Heavyweight'

I'm growing sick and tired of the "Patterson could have stayed at LH" BS! He was 182-83 against Archie. He had simply grown out of the LHW division and could not go back...EVER. Unless he hit the steam room every week losing all his natural bulk and power. He may have been a better fighter AFTER the Liston losses and how many fighters can you say that about in history after losing their title! As a 'Cruiserweight' he may have been the best but that wasn't created then. But then all the other weight classes that have been created every 3 or 4 pounds weren't around either. Boxing shot it's own self in the foot which is why the UFC **** is so popular now.
Different eras matter! Had Floyd been 10 years younger he would have been a top dog in the 70's.
His shortcomings as a heavy had more to do with his inner demons than the opponents placed in front of him.
I don't think we'll ever see another 190+ poundish fighter with more charisma and tools than Patterson. Once again...think ERAS!
Get off his back folks!
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