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Default Re: Just watched Wlad vs Wach: A few thoughts....

Originally Posted by PolishPummler View Post


OP, I'm with you about 80%.

Wlad 'aint Vitali. Not even close. I'm always reading about his awesome jab, but I have yet to see it. It's so slow, I'm not sure you can even call it a range-finder. When he does throw it a little bit faster, it's always from down low, which negates much of its power.

And yes, he tends to gas easily. Amazing that he had to clinch Wach several times, after throwing a SINGLE L-R combination !

His right isn't as bad as you make out. He does get a lot of extension (leverage) on it, and it's quite fast. The problem is, he's so bloody reluctant to throw it with conviction, as you wrote. If he threw 30 straight rights in that fight, only 5-6 of them had actual "serious intent" behind them. Wlad was fighting a human punching bag and STILL didn't have the ***** to commit.

Also, Wlad is so bloody 1-dimensional, any truly elite HW should be able to avoid or block every right he throws. It's the same ****ing punch every time. No cross, no upper cuts, no body shots.....

The other 5% of your post I disagree with: Despite his weak-ass left jab, what does make it dangerous is that he has the fairly unique ability to turn it into a hard left at any pint, literally after he strats it. Sort of a half-hook. This is a great way to catch your opponent off-guard, although it would never KO him.

Problem is, as with the straight right, Wlad doesn't like to throw it. He's afraid of getting countered.
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