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Default Re: Why did Wladimir let Vitali take the Purritty and Sanders rematch?

Originally Posted by WiDDoW_MaKeR View Post
Directly after their fight. The WBO declined, as it was their policy to not grant immediate rematches at that time. Seriously, it was common knowledge at the time.

Sanders didn't want a rematch with Wlad at the time, nor did he want to fight Brewster. After all, I can't blame him... he wanted to cash in at a chance to win the vacante WBC title against Vitali. Although, I think that a fighter like Sanders, after having been given the chance of a lifetime against Wlad, should have offered Wlad a rematch out of respect. That's not the way it works though. Sanders said in a video interview on Maxboxing before he fought Vitali that Wlad really wanted a rematch, but that he wouldn't fight him unless he beat Vitali next. I posted that Video all over this site at the time when people were saying the same nonsense about Wlad not wanting a rematch. Of course, that was almost 10 years ago now.

People kill me by bringing up stuff from years later, where fighers then want a payday by fighting Wlad and pretend that Wlad didn't want a rematch. As if Wlad fighting Sanders in 2010 would have made any sense.

Also, Brewster OPENLY refused to give Wlad a rematch. Saying in many interviews that he felt Wlad took away from his victory with all of the talk about being drugged in their first fight, ect... Brewster said that the only way he would fight Wlad again was if Wlad was his mandatory challenger. Wlad actually became the IBF and WBO mandatory challenger. Brewster said at that time that he would force Wlad to wait 12-18 months before he would grant him that mandatory fight. Wlad went on to beat Byrd, Brewster lost, and Wlad gave Brewster a title shot at his IBF. Of course... Brewster then NEEDED Wlad again, which is why he was willing to fight him again.
LMAO nothing but complete GARBAGE

Wlad never pursued a rematch with EITHER and only went after Brewster after he came out the hospital

Find me a single source that claims that Wlad was looking for a rematch BEFORE the Brewster vs. Liakhovich fight.

Brewster and Sanders have openly said that he never sought a rematch.

You Klit****s are a fking joke that twist everything, frauds like your heroes
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