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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
I hear ya, but they are brothers - they're not going to fight each other. Also, Wlad has cleaned out the division and faced the much better opposition than his brother. You also gotta consider Vitali was on the sidelines for 4 years while Wlad established himself as the premiere HW.
I don't expect to them fight at all.
Wlad IMO has fought the better guys, but there are guys Vitali has fought that won't get a fight v Wlad, because they lost to Vitali.
If Vit's last name was Maskaev, there'd be an uproar that the 2 hadn't fought, and both guys would be titlists.
A bit like Pac v Mayweather really.

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
You could say the same thing about Lewis and Rid**** Bowe. There were also times when guys like Chris Byrd, John Ruiz, etc were highly rated and Lewis never faced them. Also, as I stated above - Wlad has clearly done MUCH more than Vitali and distanced himself from his older brother. Vitali is merely a titlist, Wlad is the champion.
Nah, when one guy walks away from a contracted fight as part of a 4 man heavyweight tournament - the tournament being the ONLY reason you got your title shot in the first place (Ruddock was actually first in line to face Holy) you lose all credibility in regards to dominance. Especially when your next fights are against Dokes and Ferguson.

I don't disagree too much. Again, we have to resort to comparisons for the brothers, not a real fight.

Prime for prime Wlad beats Vitali by decision.

Probably. Vitali suffers v both Lewis and Wlad because both of those guys are big enough to reach him with right hands when he uses his "lean away" defence (not many others are), and the fact he doesn't truly have enough to stop those guys (who can both be stopped) in his right hand.

He hurt Lewis early, but in the last 2 rounds in particular, Lewis made barely any attempt at defence, and basically stalked Vitaly with his hands at his waist.

Vitali could stop Wlad, in the manner Peter KD him several times. Just pressure leading to befuddlement. Lewis reacts far better to being pressured and being buzzed.

Good fight. Wlad would be favourite, but Vitali would be a very live underdog.

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
I'll give you that one, the WBO was considered a minor title and still is by many. This is why I used words like "title defense" and/or "title belt" instead of "championship defense" - they are different things. However, Wlad's actualy championship reign (the new lineage he created when he beat Chagaev) has already been longer and more dominant than Lewis' (in terms of frequency of fights, rounds won, and stoppages).

All in all, very solid and reasonable arguments from you my friend. It's good to see some moderate, logical thinking people on this board - there are way too many extremists, haters and **** riders.
Yeah, it is semantics true.

It's very hard on this board to actually like both (or several) fighters. I like Lewis, but I think Wlad is excellent too. It's good to chat about this stuff with somebody that isn't a total nutjob to be honest.....

I thought Wlad was very good v Wach (a very overmatched Wach BTW - great chin, but very slow and had absolutely zero offence to trouble Wlad) - Wlad fought like he SHOULD have fought against the other overmatched guys like Iggy, Thomson, Chambers etc.

IMO, I still think Lewis fought and beat the better fighters. That's absolutely not Wlads fault. There's very few guys he hasn't fought, it's just really outside of the brothers - Haye isn't too bad but clearly is solely in it for the money - there's really not much.

Fighters are either really limited, or really fat, and just happy for the payday of a title shot.
Just aren't willing to take the step up. Happy to plug away at a lower level, taking the money, but not being "ready" for a title shot, even in their 30's (yes Mr Povetkin, I'm talking about you).

How else do you explain guys like Briggs, Rahman etc. STILL getting title shots?
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