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Default Re: Broner and this brush gimmick

Originally Posted by DDDUUDDDEE View Post
First off, Wach is nothing more than a 6'7" walking punching bag. No head movement, no jab, **** for balance - essentially he's par for the course that is Wlad's typical opponent.

As far as the Baby Klit is concerned, anyone who thinks this guy has one of the best jabs in HW history is seriously DELUSIONAL and needs to go watch some films of Larry Holmes or Sonny Liston. Those guys had ATG jabs. Wlad, OTOH has absolute **** for a jab. There's no snap on it, he spends most of the time pawing with it - and after he throws that conviction-less jab of his, he drops his left hand down to his waist inviting a counter right hand. Definitely not ATG stuff here.

Also, Wlad's right hand power is grotesquely overrated by the Klit lickers in this forum. Comparing Wlad's right hand to that of Lennox Lewis is like comparing a Ford Mustang to a high end Ferrari. Lennox throws his right hand with more conviction, more confidence, better technique and better leverage. IOW, in terms of right hand power, Lennox is in another league. I saw Wach each flush right hands from the opening round to the final stanza and at no time did I think he was in danger of being stopped. Wlad, OTOH, had a few deer-n-headlight moments.

Lastly, Wlad's stamina is an issue. To me, he looked gassed after the 8th after unloading on Wach - and Wach was STILL coming forward for the remainder of the fight.

I watched that fight thinking what a prime or near prime Evander Holyfield would do to that disgrace of a HW "Champion".
I like the guy, will be watching him this weekend. But am I the only one not thinking this brushing his hair schtick is pretty stupid? It seems like his fat dad keeps it going. I dunno, I just dont get it? And it actually makes me cringe and feel bad for 800lb Fat Dan when he writes an article. Its kinda disrespectful and looks like a circus act with this fat man brushing a boxers hair in the ring???
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