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Default Re: Geale-Mundine 2.

Mundine to win an embarrasing landslide, will be exact repeat of soliman 2!
Lots of you clowns will be eating humble pie.!

Geale is ****house and soooo over rated.

Stole pathetic split decisions over nothing Sylvester and robbed Sturm blind.
Those two (defeats) wins are the only remote time he has done anything.
He has ZERO power, and does not even have the punchers chance woods had.

He is slow, flabby, fat, lacks precision and choc will walk right through him.

Choc did not take the first fight serious, but he knows this is all all nothing.

Choc does not need to worry about starving and at 160 will be too fast and too strong for feeble geale.

Choc wins via landslide or KO

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